Zach Roszczewski
Icon & Illustration Designer
Coaster Badges@2x.png

ServiceNow Badges

Series of illustrated badges for ServiceNow to use internally to help boost employees for doing stellar work. These badges will be used on stickers, coasters, and other epic swag that will be gifted to team members for doing a kick ass job.

Coaster Badges@2x.png
Team of Teams@2x.png
Eagle Vision@2x.png
Be Present@2x.png
Bring Solutions@2x.png
Future Focused@2x.png
Create Clarity@2x.png
Extreme Ownership@2x.png
Get to Yes@2x.png
Respect & Support@2x.png
Engage Face to face@2x.png
Artboard 1 copy 4@2x.png