Bose Iconography System


Complete redesign of a 500+ Icon suite and icon guidelines system for Bose Speakers. The consistent and unique icon set created specifically for Bose will be used throughout all of their mobile and web apps, marketing material, and all product devices created by Bose. Being an international company, we had to make sure all of the icons were simple and clear enough to be understood by all countries and languages, creating a universal language that would bridge the gap between the different countries.

Bose Iconography.png



The form is focused on the combination of sharp edges and natural curves, creating a balanced composition within each icon.


The icon set is built upon a 32px grid, which is a standard size used within the digital landscape. The icon set is created with a centered 2px stroke, creating consistency within the icons. The icon set balances the use of 2px rounded corners when needed to establish the natural shape of an object, and hard edges to give it the geometric, cutting edge feel. The endpoints are straight 90° angles, giving the icons a clean & professional aesthetic. All of these attributes are built into each icon, creating a seamless and consistent design system that is unique and recognizable to the Bose brand. 





Gotham Icons.png


Bose Icon Family

Bose Icon Set@2x.png

Product Iconography

Bose Connect App.png
Bose Headphones.png
Bose Speakers.jpg