Zach Roszczewski
Icon & Illustration Designer


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Icon Sets

Nobody likes a random mix of icons from different sets. Instead, get a consistent icon set that is meticulously hand crafted just for you.

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Ios & Android Icons

Having the hottest new idea for an app is useless if people don't like looking at it. Guarantee your apps success by filling it with beautiful icons.

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Website Illustrations

Use Illustrations to highlight the exciting features of your business and engage the viewer to be interested in your amazing product.

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Style Guidelines

Get systematic instructions on how your icons are built so your design team can maintain style consistency when future icons are needed.

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Print Illustrations

Whether it's a book, magazine, infographic, stationery, or poster, bring your written word to life with creative & custom illustrations.

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Application Icons

Create a simple and beautiful user interface for your web application by using clear and concise icons that properly represent the page content.