Zach Roszczewski
Icon & Illustration Designer


— My work process is smooth, collaborative, & enjoyable. But don't take my word for it, take theirs...

I worked with Zach on creating a modern icon set for TurboTax. Zach is extremely talented, professional, and a reliable person to work with. He has a positive attitude and brought lots of energy and ideas to the table. Zach’s unique design style brought warmth and delight throughout our product, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results.
— Meghan Cartlidge, Senior Visual Designer at Turbo Tax
I have to say, your process and collaborative style is just as good as the work.
Thanks, Zach!
— Trent Walton, Founder of Paravel Inc
It’s hard to find someone as talented and easy to work with as Zach. His combination of killer taste, speed, and reliability is too good to pass up. If you’re in the market for illustrations or icons I can’t recommend him highly enough. Work with him while you still can!
— Adam Waxman, Product Designer at SeatGeek
It was a pleasure working with Zach. He’s creative, hard-working and dedicated. He embraced our brand language and helped expand it to a robust and expressive icon set. He was a great partner through rounds of iteration, bringing creative ideas to the table, backed by a thoughtful POV. We would welcome the opportunity to work with him again.
— Katie Dill, Head of Experience Design at AirBnb
Zach did a series of illustrations for us representing all the different use cases for our product. The illustrations turned out fantastic and Zach was a pleasure to work with. He quickly adapted to fit his work to our aesthetic, and generally had a great eye for what would work and what wouldn’t. Zach’s judgement and good taste meant that the whole project was very little overhead for us.
— Andrew Ofstad, AirTable
Zach worked with the design team at Shopify to set the direction of our icon sets that we use within our products. He worked quickly, with very little upfront direction and delivered superb results. He’s really dedicated to shaping the visual direction of products through illustration and icon work.
Highly recommended!
— Greg Baldam, Director of Product Design at Shopify