Zach Roszczewski
Icon & Illustration Designer


— Come on in, the coffee is warm and the studio is cozy.


— Hi, I am Zach Roszczewski,

Pronounced [row-zes-key]
How is that possible you ask? I’m not quite sure actually…

a freelance icon & illustration designer living in Encinitas, California. I am also the owner and creator of Flaticons. My passion is crafting custom icon sets and illustrations that are consistent, functional, and spark feelings of joy to everyone.

Aside from work, nature is my inspiration. When away from my desk, I like to spend time in the ocean catching waves along the California coast, and venturing out into the wild and exploring the natural world. I am also a dedicated family man. Nothing brings me more stoke than laughing with my son Hayes and my superhuman wife, Jordan.

Career Journey

My great grandfather was a polish immigrant who was a master painter, and passed down his skills to my father, and then onto me and my 3 brothers who were introduced to sketching and painting at a very young age.

To further hone my skills I obtained my Bachelors degree in fine arts with a graphic design concentration at Central Michigan University in 2012. Thats where my passion for illustrative design blossomed.

• I was then flown across the nation and offered my dream job at a start up in Santa Cruz, California to work as a web designer for Octopus Creative. It was an epic opportunity that taught me all of the inner workings of a design studio. This is where I realized my passion for icon and illustration design.

• After the years of experience gained for Octopus Creative, In 2014 I said my thank yous and goodbyes, and headed south to the sunny city of Encinitas, California to pursue my dream of running my own design studio with a sole focus on crafting only premium icon and illustrations.

• I am now in year 6 of running my own studio and have had the opportunity to work with amazing clients such as Airbnb, Facebook, and Bose to name a few. I am so grateful to be able to spread joy through design to so many people, and plan to continue pushing fun into their everyday experiences for as long as humanly possible.


I am currently accepting new projects, so please contact me if you are interested in working together!


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